Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Adventures in Being an Adult

Hey guys.
So I wanted to share with you in what I consider my first big decision as an adult.  I have decided to buy a car.  This will be my first time ever paying for a car myself (my parents bought my last vehicle).  This is also the first time I'll ever have a car.  I've always been an SUV girl and I still am.  But the gas is killing me.  I currently drive a 2005 Ford Escape (also in red).

Last weekend when I took my SUV in to get fixed(they messed up the alignment the weekend before) I decided to test drive a few cars.  Surprisingly I fell in love with the 2013 Hyundai Elantra.  The only downside is because I'm buying the car in my home town I can't pick up the car till the 29th.  Yesterday the dealer e-mailed me telling my car had come in (it wasn't on their lot originally) and he took some pictures for me.  
(It hasn't been cleaned yet in this picture)
So this is my new baby.  I decided to go with a four door for added space (since I'm used to an SUV and this is a compact car) as well as the insurance can be cheaper (two doors can sometimes be considered sports cars).  I love that this car has a large trunk so I still have lots of room if I get rotated around the country.

It's still not 100% set in stone that I will be buying this car.  When I go home on the 29th I will need to test drive it first (since I just test drove a different one).  

Starting on this new venture is super exciting and kind of scary thinking this loan will be hovering over me for 5 years (this is also my first loan).

Have you guys ever bought a car?


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spending Habits

Hey guys!

So I had an epiphany the other day.  If you haven't guessed from the title it's about my spending habits.  I've read plenty of financial books and I understand how to make a budget and why its important.  But I have a heck of a time sticking to them.  And in all these books none of the spending excuses really fit me.  I would go through phases.  Months n months I would be good with my money and then suddenly I would go crazy.  It didn't hit me till the other night when I was talking to my friend about how hermity I have become since moving out on my own (I moved to a new area where I know no one).  Then BAM it was like lightning struck, I'm a ..... wait for it..... Bored/Lonely Shopper!

Yes a bored shopper is a lot like a bored eater in many ways, although there are differences.  An example of my bored/lonely shopping is this.  When I was in college, for the most part, I was pretty good about not spending too much money.  This is because I constantly had things to do (besides homework).  There were always people to hang out with and stuff to do.  Now that I've moved out on my own and have no friends that live near me I'm constantly sitting at home alone.  That gets quite boring and lonley.  So in order to get myself out of the house and relieve my boredom/loneliness I go shopping!.  I mean obviously I already like to buy things so thats why I choose shopping but thats not the point at the moment. 

I've never heard any financial book that describes this sort of shopping.  Now if this symptom was truly like bored eating I would also have a problem with online shopping (which I don't really have a problem with) since I would be online shopping when I'm bored (I'm bored quite often).  So this is more bored/lonely shopping problems.  I need to get out of my house and do something.  

Now that I have realized this I'm going to try really hard when I get back to Wisconsin in May to get out and make friends or volunteer on weekends.  Seeing as it will be summer this will hopefully help in making friends (theres always more to do in the summer than winter).  

Do any of you also suffer from this problem?  How have you resolved this?

Hope you all are having a lovely first weekend of spring (It's still quite cold in New York).


(Picture found on Yahoo Images)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Inner Battle: Quality vs. Quantity

Hey guys!

So I'm going through this inner battle right now between Quality vs Quantity.  Incase you haven't noticed yet I tend to have a shopping bug.  I try very hard to save but it doesn't work a lot.  I'm always out there looking for the new latest and greatest.  It also doesn't help my style changes once about every few months.  If you saw my closet you would see its quite eclectic and most of it doesn't go together.  

So my parents were down at my apartment last month (they are randomly checking up on it while I'm in New York).  And keep in mind I cleaned before I came here but my mom was still in shock at how much stuff was just all over the place.  I have so much stuff and no place to put it.  Being the sweet mother she is she has volunteered to buy me some cubby things and a pantry (I have no storage for food in my kitchen).  When I moved into my one bedroom apartment we got movers (yes movers for a one bedroom)!

To otherwise prove my problem of quantity vs quality I brought (a few I got when I came here) 27 lippies (not including chapstick) with me.  Not lets be honest I can probably count on 1 hand how many time I wear something besides chapstick in a single month.  I have incredibly dehydrated lips and no matter how much I drink and exfoliate they seem to always be dry and peeling.  Do you see how having 27 lippies with me seems outrageous (keep in mind this isn't my entire collection either)? 

When I was younger I was quite jealous of beauty gurus make and clothing collections (sometimes I still feel a twinge of "Aw I wish I had that," but not often).  And being an only child I accumulated lots of stuff (not just clothes and makeup).  But as I get older I'm starting to become jealous of the girls that only have a few absolute favorite items (normally quite high end but why the heck not since you aren't spending your money on other crap you don't need).  I want to be one of those girls who has her own signature style (in makeup and clothing).  I'm drowning in stuff.

Here's where the battle comes in.  My shopping bug is still with me!  I can't help but want new cute things (like my old cute things aren't cute anymore...even though they totally are).  To want fewer items but still wanting to buy at the same time.  As well as the inability to get rid of things has left me in quite a muddle.  


Have any of you ever delt with this issue? 

P.S.  I would just like to state I am not so bad that I would consider myself a horder nor do i live in filth!  I just have too many things.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Getting Ready for Spring

Hey all!

 I'm in Upstate New York for the next few months for my job.  I'm loving New England style of the town.  I wanted to share with you some things I got for spring.  I'm loving the colors this spring and I wish I could get more of these clothes but seeing now as I have a full time job and I have to wear navy blue bottoms I'm pretty limited.  Some of these items are for please while others are for work (and some can be both).

First I went to Gap



I got these two lovely outfits at Gap.  The pants were on clearance and I got both of the pants for a total of $28.  What a great deal!  The pink pants are actually cropped which makes them perfect for me.  If you are short and can't find short pants try and find cropped pants.  Sadly the tops were not on sale but they are super soft/comfy and went with the pants so I just couldn't pass them up.

Then I went to TJMAXX

I was attracted to the swim suit because of the color.  And lets face it the shoes are just down right adorable and I had to get them.  The brown pair are Steve Madden's and the blue and white pair are Lucky Brand.  

Finally clothes wise I headed over to Forever 21.



Forever 21 had some great stuff.  I would have loved to get more but I was holding back as well as trying to keep things to work wearable and suitable for out and and about.  I don't have much to say about these pieces they are just darling and I can't wait to wear them.

Bath and Body Works was having a 2 for $22 sale on the 3 wick candles.  

I picked up Oceanside and Tiki Beach.  I thought they were wonderful spring scents without being too sweet.  Seeing as how I'm loving everything nautical right now (in case you haven't noticed by the style of these clothing in this blog) these scents are perfect.

Last but not least I went to Clinique.

I got the New Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Hefty Hibiscus.  This is a gorgeous spring posy red.  I happen to be obsessed with any of these jumbo hydrating lip pencils.  I have quite a few of the original Chubby Sticks and there is one other Intense color I want (the Bon Ton I went to didn't have it though).

I hope this post inspired you to get ready for spring.  Sorry if this is a little all over the place I've had a headache the last few days and my eye has also been hurting.  I hope you are all doing well.


P.S. What are you most excited about for this coming spring?  I'm loving the colors and nautical theme.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Name

Hello lovlies!!!!!

As you may have noticed I changed my blog's name.  I've been meaning to do this for quite a long time as 1 I wasn't too fond of my last title and 2 I am no longer in college.  I couldn't think of a good name.  I had questioned my best friend (who by the way has now just made a blog) and she also couldn't help me.  It wasn't until I read her most recent letter in which she wrote "because theres no post on Sundays."  Which if you don't know happens to be a quote from my favorite book (and also something I say quite often).  So as a joke I told her that I should change my blogs name to No Post on Sundays.  But then I figured why not.  It's better than the last title and it will at least be more enjoyable until I can think of a better name.   So unless you really enjoy this name and think I should keep it (which I don't think I would mind terribly) please comment down below with better ideas of a new blog title.

I would quickly like to apologize for my lack of posts.  I have just been so un creative recently.  I have lots of ideas to write about but when I go to write it I don't know what to say.  My words just don't seem good enough.  I know I'm not an amazing writer but even still my writing seems terrible.  I'm trying to get through this as quickly as possible (because I have exciting news and a very long list of ideas to write about).  I would also like to apologize for the crazy amounts of parenthesis in this post.  Thats just the kind of mood I'm in (the kind with crazy thoughts in the background I just feel the need to share).  

I hope you guys enjoyed this and also enjoy my new name.