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Name: Caitlin
Nickname:  Amy Pond
Age: 21
Status: Senior in College and a dork
Wishes:  She could go to England
Loves: Reading, Bloging, Making Youtube videos, MAKEUP, sewing, Photography, Shoes, Fashion,
Doctor Who, Harry Potter
Hates: Needles, bugs, creepy crawly stuff, scary movies, lima beans, berries, and typos (which I do a lot)
Movies: Star Wars, Twister, Pirates of the Caribbean, Random Disney Cartoons, The Labyrinth, and Her spanish skit (made in the 8th grade ^.^), Harry Potter
She Is A...: Nut, crazy person, fun, lover, fighter, special, and hyper
She Isn't...: Emo, Preppy, Jockish, Nerdish, and any of those other stereotypes
Her Stereotype: Caitlin (she has her own)

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