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Hey guys.
So I wanted to share with you in what I consider my first big decision as an adult.  I have decided to buy a car.  This will be my first time ever paying for a car myself (my parents bought my last vehicle).  This is also the first time I'll ever have a car.  I've always been an SUV girl and I still am.  But the gas is killing me.  I currently drive a 2005 Ford Escape (also in red).

Last weekend when I took my SUV in to get fixed(they messed up the alignment the weekend before) I decided to test drive a few cars.  Surprisingly I fell in love with the 2013 Hyundai Elantra.  The only downside is because I'm buying the car in my home town I can't pick up the car till the 29th.  Yesterday the dealer e-mailed me telling my car had come in (it wasn't on their lot originally) and he took some pictures for me.  
(It hasn't been cleaned yet in this picture)
So this is my new baby.  I decided to go with a four door for added space (since I'm used to an SUV and this is a compact car) as well as the insurance can be cheaper (two doors can sometimes be considered sports cars).  I love that this car has a large trunk so I still have lots of room if I get rotated around the country.

It's still not 100% set in stone that I will be buying this car.  When I go home on the 29th I will need to test drive it first (since I just test drove a different one).  

Starting on this new venture is super exciting and kind of scary thinking this loan will be hovering over me for 5 years (this is also my first loan).

Have you guys ever bought a car?


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  1. ou have great taste. We share the same favorite car, although my preference is a gleaming white Hyundai Elantra. I think it's one very stylish car alright. I won't bore you with the details, but it's got quite a lot of features that's worth the price. For one thing, it's got a 38 mpg fuel economy rating, the seats are roomy, and there's plenty of space at the back. But back to your question, if I'm going to buy a car, of course, budget comes first. But for something like the Elantra, I think I can bear with the thought of paying a loan for it for five years.

    Spartan Toyota


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